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Garmin Edge 500

08/25/2012 15:33
Purchased a Garmin Edge 500 cycling computer today.  So tired of the LYC not working well.  Having a more reliable computer will definitely enhance my offseason training.  #excited

Tour de Millersburg Wrap

08/14/2012 13:03
Finished 21st on the stage 3 road race and 24th overall on the GC after 3 races in 2 days.  Tough race, but showed i belong at the highest cat 3 level.  Very motivated to improve over the winter so I can be a protagonist in these races next summer.

Tour de Millersburg Stage 2

08/11/2012 20:41
Crit - got pulled 18 minutes into 50 minute race.  10 minute average 325w with 12 spikes over 900w is just way too fast for me.  Pulled and placed 40th, 29th of 59 going into RR tomorrow.  

Tour de Millersburg Stage 1

08/11/2012 12:11
9.5 mile TT - 17th/59... 21:34... 291w... 26.5mph

Tour of the Catskills

08/09/2012 10:36
Race report is up on the main page.  14th/76 in the TT, 35th/73 in the stage 2 RR, DNF'd stage 3 after death wobble.

2nd Place and 5th Place and Upgrade!

07/31/2012 22:12
2nd place in the East Aurora Road Race, cat 4 field, 5th place Cobblestone Crit cat 1-3 field, and cat 3 upgrade received, all in the last 10 days!

Cobblestone Crit cat 4/5 Victory!

07/21/2012 20:56
Won the Cobblestone Crit cat 4/5 training race last night with a first lap breakaway power move.  Averaged 285 watts and 24.7 mph on a wet day of racing.

Tour of the Valley Results

07/16/2012 08:35
5th overall General Classification ---- 3rd in friday's TT ---- 7th in saturday's RR ---- B.O.P. in sunday's Crit ---- Race Reports to come!

Langford BBC Training Road Race

07/07/2012 13:23
Took 4th in the cat 4 training race today out at langford.  Worked hard throughout to keep the peloton together for teammate Tom Robinson's GC hopes.  Kept him safe and out of the wind throughout the 40 mile ride and put in a good leadout (522w 1min power) delivering him 150m from the...

Recycle ITT

07/01/2012 13:58
Cat 4 winner and 7th overall this morning in East Aurora, NY.  
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